Founder & Leaders

Jasmine Ford

President & Head Creative Director

Jasmine Ford is the Founder & Head Creative Director for all things Ruwach. 

Sway Buckley


Sway is a dynamic coach and mentor for MarriedPreneurs; married couples who are also juggling entrepreneurs. She also coaches dancers, producers, speakers, singers and the like. Find her marriedprenuer.com

Joanna Cervantez


Joanna is an incredible mentor as a coach for teachers for UCLA. 

Tristan Padron

Hip Hop Christian Artist

Tristan Padron is a talented Hip Hop dancer and instructor for Jesus. He brings new creativity to his classes and choreography. 

Yvonne Camper

Board Member

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Roz Knighten


A beacon of joy and encouragement, Roz is a Christian coach and author.